Office Chairs

The MATA family of multi-purpose seats combines a simple yet distinctive design and efficient use of materials to offer trendy seating solutions at affordable prices.

MATA's curvaceous seat shell can flex to accommodate reclining action and is available in many colours, making MATA an attractive addition to any commercial outlet. Molded from polypropylene, it is easy to clean and resilient enough for commercial usage.

In its 4-legged form, the light-weight MATA is effortless to move and stocks easily to free up space. The swiveling models offer mobility and seat-height adjustment for task-oriented seating at workstations and home offices. For public areas such as function halls and waiting areas, MATA seats can be linked together on a sturdy beam structure.

4-legged without armrest G05* NA A00 H
4-legged with armrest G05* NA A21 H
Swivel without armrest G05* HB A00 M3
Swivel with armrest G05* HB A21 M3
Link chair
3-seat G05* B3 A00 J
4-seat G05* B4 A00 J
5-seat G05* B5 A00 J