Office Chairs

Pogo's sophisticated shape and vivid colours will be welcomed by anyone who demands more identity and individuality than the usual run of office furniture. Pogo fits right in casual work environments and front-end applications such as showrooms, fashion boutiques, and service counters.

Sweeping armrests continue up and down the back as well as into the front seat. Like a ribbon twirling continuously back and forth. In addition to just looking good, this sinuous form is designed to flex substantially, giving Pogo freedom to rock and recline without complicated mechanisms. Surface texture on the front contrasts well with the smooth glossy back and provides seating grip and resists scratches. A shiny aluminum lever completes a classy finish.

Without padding - 433* NA A40 N3
With padding - 434* NA A40 N3
With seat padding - 435* NA A40 N3